Saturday, February 1, 2014

VIDEO - Azmin wants Najib to contest in Kajang - By P Ramani.

 PKR's Azmin Ali challenges the prime minister to stand against Anwar in the Kajang by-election.


KAJANG: PKR Deputy President Azmin Ali today challenged Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak to stand against his boss Anwar Ibrahim in the coming Kajang state seat by-election.

In making his call to the premier, he said that he did not want MCA, MIC or even Gerakan to field a candidate but Najib from Umno should stand in Kajang instead, for the clash of the titans.

“I don’t want MCA, MIC or Gerakan to field the candidate but Umno must field their candidate for this clash of titans,” said Azmin during a public speech at the Dewan Sg Sekamat, Kajang.

Azmin told the crowd that the party had a serious thought before going for the by-election.
He went further to stress that even he and another state assemblyman in Selangor had offered their seat to Anwar for a by-election.

“Even I offered by Bukit Antarabangsa seat and Xavier Jayakumar his Andalas seat, but Anwar wanted Kajang,” said Azmin.

Azmin also added that this strategy will take them to Putrajaya in three years’ time.

Meanwhile Azmin warned certain media channels not to spin or make speculations on the by-election.

“Make sure you don’t watch TV3 or even read Utusan as they always spin.”

Yesterday, Selangor Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim announced that PKR’s de facto leader Anwar will be the candidate for the Kajang by-election following the sudden resignation of the state assemblyman Lee Chin Cheh on Monday.

Lee offers a ‘million’ apologies

Lee, in his speech today, offered a ‘million’ apologies to the Kajang folk and explained that his decision to step down was a result of a consensus within the party to strengthen Pakatan in Selangor.

He also added that this decision will bring more benefit to the people of Kajang and Selangor as part of a strategy to capture Putrajaya.

Azmin thanked Lee for his sacrifice. “It’s not a betrayal. He didn’t jump ship, but as a fighter sacrificed his own position for a betterment for the people.”

Azmin also urged people to stop speculations on the position of the Menteri Besar and urged everyone to focus their energies on winning the by-election.

“We decide the people’s future and not the media like Utusan and TV3,” he said.
When asked on Anwar’s choice of Kajang, Azmin said Malay voters make up about 51%, Chinese 49% and rest Indians, thus Anwar stood a good chance of making his mark.

“Not only that, he wants to strengthen our Selangor base and take part in the legislature’s decision-making process which will help to further boost the opposition’s fort,” added Azmin.

“This is not testing the waters but a commitment by the top leadership of PKR to the people to always serve the people better and make inroads into Putrajaya.”

‘Anwar not desperate’

Azmin added that Anwar was not desperate to be a state assemblyman as he is a world leader who cares for the welfare of people.
“Anwar is not chasing for position
s….he could even have been Prime Minister in 1998,” he said.

He also revealed that former Selangor MB Muhammad Muhd Taib will campaign on behalf of PAS as he had experience in addressing issues faced by the people of Kajang.

At a press conference later, Azmin said that the PKR election machinery was all geared up to ensure Anwar wins by a big majority.

“I’ve contacted Selangor PAS commissioner Iskandar Abdul Samad and DAP’s Tony Pua to explain the whole issue and asked for their co-operation to ensure a smooth campaign,” said Azmin.

The Election Commission (EC) will convene on Feb 5 to set the nomination and polling dates.


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