Monday, September 21, 2015


THE WRATH OF ALTANTUYA: NO WONDER NAJIB WANTS 'SAFE PASSAGE' FROM DR M BEFORE HE IS WILLING TO 'QUIT'The Prime Minister of Malaysia has reiterated on several occasions that he knows not the murdered Mongolian Altantuya. When Malaysians raised questions they were warned by the police not to speculate. 

And now with Aljazera’s explosive documentary, we are told that there is an international conspiracy to oust Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak.

Do we laugh, cry or faint? Or should we all march before the prime minister and chase all foreigners from our land like how the journalist making the documentary was shooed away?

Can we let common sense prevail and save whatever dignity is left of this nation please.

A prime minister who did not hesitate to swear in a mosque that he knows not the murdered victim; a leader who dismissed the claims of the escaped convict, Sirul, as “utter rubbish”; he now knows nothing nor says anything about how a journalist can and was shooed away from Malaysia under escort.

People the world over are all asking the same questions that Malaysians ask till this day only to be faced with a blank wall.

Nobody knows why the poor and helpless woman was not only murdered with bullets but was blasted in smithereens using the controlled C4 explosives.

Nobody knows why so much of trouble was taken to erase all immigration records of entry and egress of Altantuya.
Nobody knows why was there a need to retract Statutory Declarations.

The explosive Al-Jazeera video which claims Najib's crony Razak Baginda was the man who shot Altantuya but questions continue to swirl around the identity of the real mastermind behind the killing - who had the most to lose?

Nobody knows anything about why some people ended up in foreign lands and took a long and windy route as if there were intentions to dust off the trails. And nobody knows who paid these ordinary working class citizens to make all that travel either.

Nobody knows why was Razak Baginda in such a hurry to scoot off to London as soon as he got cleared by the courts.

Nobody knows why was a company set up in such manner to deal with this nation’s huge arms purchase expenditure and allow a lone man to make such huge profits that is seen as kickbacks by many.

Nobody knows why it has taken the courts so long to finally convict two highly trained body guards but ending up with one now holed up in a safe haven in Australia.

Corruption-tainted Najib is facing a slew of scandals, not the least the latest accusations he was an accessory to Altantuya's murder following the explosive Al Jazeera video above. 

Former PM Mahathir has insisted Najib re-opens investigations, while Umno circles have buzzed with talk Najib has demanded 'safe passage' from all prosecution if he were to resign as PM. 

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With all these unanswered questions, is it any surprise if a reputable media goes unraveling to find some reliable and honest answers to one of the world’s most unprecedented murder story? And our prime minister says it is a conspiracy.

Should the prime minister of a nation not be as curious and concerned as the world asking the same questions that Malaysians have been asking and searching and hoping and praying for justified and acceptable answers?

If a local media had done that documentary pray tell what would have been the eventuality? - MAILBAG

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